U.S. Marine Corps Tire Cover

U.S. Marine Corps Tire Cover

How about a Marine Tire Cover. Available in 2 sizes (small and medium available; large is sold out). Elastic cord on back (non-adjustable).

Small: 225 75 R15 (Standard Jeep Wrangler Tire); 225 70 R16; 235 70 R15

Medium: 30″ X 9.5″, 215 75 R16 (Standard Jeep Liberty Tire); 235 70 R16; 235 75 R15; 235 75 R16

Need help figuring out what tire cover size you need?
Some tires will actually have the size, in inches, printed right on them (ex. “30×10.5″ = 30” tire). Others will have cryptic looking metric sizing printed on them. (ex. P225/75/R15)

Price: $69.95